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Culinary academy restaurant | Civray

Definition: An application restaurant, sometimes called an educational restaurant or initiation restaurant, is a restaurant that allows apprentices and students to practice their training. It is therefore open during the school period

Our application restaurant allows students to train in real-life situations and share their passion with you

This place is a classroom where students are in training under the sole authority of the teacher.

In an educational restaurant, the students who have made your meal and provided the service, will join other courses enrolled in their schedule of the afternoon or join their home after your dinner. It is therefore imperative to respect the schedules below and to warn us at the earliest in case of impediment. This is why in the case of a late arrival, the teacher will have to forbid you access to the restaurant.

Young cooks and waiters are in a learning situation. The time for a meal can vary from 1h to 1h45. Quality in the plate and in the service can vary from one young person to another! The client is usually full of understanding about the imperfections found in young people! Your kindness will help them.

Our students and teachers thank you for accepting these few rules and will endeavor to share with you the pleasure they have to receive you.

Some changes may occur during the school year due to teaching constraints